US Army NETCOM will be utilizing 60 meters for amateur radio outreach from April 29 – May 7 as part of DOD COMEX 22-2. On May 3 at 0200Z (May 2 at 2100 Central), there will be a high-power broadcast about the information that will be requested during the exercise. US Army NETCOM will also announce times for amateur radio and AUXCOMM to net with DOD HF stations for the remainder of the week. Beginning on May 3 at noon local for each US time zone (East, Central, Mountain, Pacific), there will be a short net for amateur/AUXCOMM stations. In the evening, 2100 Central and noon local nets will conclude with the noon net on Saturday, May 7. NETCOM will be requesting support for collecting various types of information that may include road closure reports, METAR weather reports, and electrical power service availability.