Join us on Thursday April 20th at 7:00 pm for a presentation by Clint Bradford K6LCS, AMSAT Ambassador

You can watch this presentation LIVE via this zoom link: Click Here

You do not need 100W of transmit power nor expensive antenna arrays to
work the FM voice amateur satellites! Many hams already have the necessary equipment to “work the
birds.” This presentation will walk you through ALL the steps needed to successfully work several
ham satellites – including the International Space Station.

Clint K6LCS has been a ham since 1994, and found his niche in the hobby: working amateur 
satellites with minimal equipment and telling ALL about it! He has served a liaison between NASA, 
the ARISS team, and schools coordinating amateur radio contacts between the International Space 
Station and students (and also orchestrated a wildly successful ARISS contact). Audiences have never 
found his presentation slides “wordy” nor dull. Trivia questions are included throughout the session –
 audiences are never bored.
For reference materials, Clint has created a support Web site at .The 
Web site has become a one-stop source for ALL the citations and equipment recommendations 
and software suggestions made in the presentation.
Professionally, Clint was sales manager for ADI / Premier Communications / Pryme, 
worked for a Motorola commercial two-way dealer a couple of years, and for Ham 
Radio Outlet a couple more. He resides in Jurupa Valley, California, with his wife, 
Karen, and their rescued lab, Freja (FRAY-ya)